Work from home as a Chocolate DistributorWork from home with our party plan opportunities.Would you like to work from home on a part time basis? Are you looking for new Party Plan Opportunities?  Would you like to make some extra money at Christmas with some part time work by helping us sell our chocolates and gifts to consumers in your area? Can you drive and do you have regular access to a car? work from home and supplement your income in your spare time. If you want to work from home and the idea of this appeals to you, then we would love to hear from you.To be successful you will need to promote yourself locally by organising Chocolate Parties and distributing Chocolates from our brochure  to individuals, fundraisers, schools, businesses etc in your area. our belgian Chocolates are different from all the other Party Plan opportunities because our products appeal to everyone, not just ladies. Most of the people who will want to book a Chocolate Party will prefer it to be in the evening as it is then that all their friends are most likely to be able to attend so this will be a great way for you to get out and make lots of new friends. You will find that there is a good demand for Christmas Chocolate Parties from late September to early December and for Easter Chocolate Parties from early February to shortly before Easter. The great advantage of this is that you do not have to work in the summer so this is good for anyone with children.For you to get the greatest rewards you will need to be prepared to make the most of those two short seasons and this may mean that you will be out at chocolate parties, or on deliveries, for most evenings during those periods. You may also need some time in the day for sorting and delivering orders, admin and cash control. We make weekly deliveries to our  Distributors so you will need to be at home for one day a week to accept your order.Your level of success will depend very much on the work you put in and the more you are prepared to do the greater the rewards will be.Many of our current Distributors aim to generate as much income during the course of our two seasons as they would by working part time for the whole year.  This gives them the added benefit of not having to work over school holidays if they don’t want to. Although this can be tailor made to fit in with your home commitments you should be aware that when you are busy you will need the support of your family. To encourage your hostesses to sell more they will also have the opportunity to earn commission and free gifts if their sales reach certain levels.

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